TODAY: 500 Religious Leaders to March from Capitol to Illinois Policy Institute in Support of Fair Tax Act

Leaders to speak about importance of Fair Tax for social justice, deliver letter Insisting an end to IPI’s “misinformation campaign” against the Fair Tax

SPRINGFIELD, April 8, 2014 – Hundreds of religious leaders from around the state will march on the offices of the Illinois Policy Institute (IPI) in Springfield beginning today at noon at the Lincoln statue at the Capitol building.  The group will call on the organization – funded by the wealthiest corporate special interests in America – to stop their false attacks on a Fair Tax, and to let the citizens of Illinois make the decision for themselves about a Fair Tax on the November ballot.  

Documents exposed in a December news report revealed that the Illinois Policy Institute has been serving as a conduit for the national State Policy Network, a group financed by America’s wealthiest corporate interests, including billionaires David and Charles Koch. The documents revealed funding to IPI from the group as earmarked for the purpose of making a Fair Tax “politically toxic” to Illinois voters.

The Illinois Policy Institute is responsible for many false attacks on the Fair Tax, including claims it would raise taxes on low- and middle-income families—claims which have been thoroughly debunked.  The truth is that a Fair Tax – implemented with a rate structure proposed by the Fair Tax Act’s chief sponsor, Sen. Don Harmon – would cut taxes for 94% of Illinois residents, including everyone making up to $205,000.

In February, more than 100 religious & faith leaders gathered in Chicago to call for a Fair Tax, with lower rates for lower incomes and higher rates for higher incomes.  They believe the Fair Tax is important because it gives tax relief to vast majority of families while also preventing devastating cuts to important public priorities, which would have an especially harmful effect on Illinois’ most vulnerable citizens.  Today, in addition to demanding accountability from the Illinois Policy Institute, faith leaders will be visiting their elected officials in Springfield to urge them, among other issues, to pass the Fair Tax Act before the May 4th deadline.

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 Who: Hundreds of faith leaders from various denominations across the state gathered in Springfield

 What:  March to Illinois Policy Institute office by 500+ faith leaders, including speaking program and delivery of letter demanding IPI cease its misinformation campaign against a Fair Tax  

 Date & Time:  April 8, 2014. 12 PM.

 Where: Lincoln Statue at the Capitol to the office of the Illinois Policy Institute, 802 S 2nd Street, Springfield

 Visuals:  Signs, banners, 500+ religious leaders gathered from across Illinois


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