[Video] Exclusive from the Chicago Reporter: Chicago Cop Opens Fire on Black Teens in Car

It was an image retired Cook County Judge Andrew Berman couldn't forget. The footage from the dashcam of a police cruiser captured a Chicago police officer firing more than a dozen times into a car full of black teenagers in apparent violation of Chicago Police Department policy. Disturbed by what he saw, Berman shared the video of the December 2013 incident with The Chicago Reporter.

Police accountability has become one of the most explosive issues in the country, partly driven by videos of police interactions with the public, many of which are taken by everyday citizens. No video can tell the full story, but it can provide a needed focus for a conversation about police standards and police relations with the communities they are supposed to serve. 

In this case, the Chicago police officer in the video is among two officers at the center of a federal lawsuit filed on behalf of the teens against the city. The case was settled in March.

“You don’t start firing into a car full of unarmed people,” Berman said. “You just don’t do that.” 

Watch the video and read the investigation by database reporter Jonah Newman of The Chicago Reporter, our editorially independent investigative journal. 

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