Virtual Day of Faith at the Captiol

We ask that you make at least three posts to any platform of your choosing throughout the Day of Faith at the Capitol on May 9, 2017. Social media allows a greater audience to participate in our work.

  • We want to see you in action! Include a photo or short video in your post.
  • Include our handle.
  • Use the hashtags below.
  • Target your legislators.
  • Post this link to our Take Action page:

CRS handles: 

Twitter: @crschicago

Instagram: @crschicago

Facebook: Community Renewal Society

Hashtags for the day:



#twill – twitter Illinois 




Examples of tweets/posts:

Happy to be here in Springfield with @CRSChicago putting my faith in action. #CRSAction17

HAPPENING NOW: [Description]. #CRSAction17

I came to #CRSAction17 in Springfield because [reason].

Support HB 2373 to expand the eligibility of felony records that can be sealed. #DismantleBarriers

Victims of police misconduct fear filing a sworn affidavit. Removing the requirement of a sworn affidavit would allow investigations of police misconduct. #PoliceAccountability

Enacting longer sentences for gun possession will not make our communities safer. Oppose SB 1722 and support SB 233. #StopGunViolence

Social media from this event will be used to promote the mission of CRS. 


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