A Leap of Faith

Sometimes it’s important to take a leap of faith – to move into a new future with hope and enthusiasm. That’s exactly what we’ve done this year at PCG, and now we ask you to join us in this new venture by giving a gift to support our 2013 work for the common good.

Over the past twelve months, we’ve had some significant legislative victories and accomplishments. On three occasions, faith leaders joined us in Springfield to advocate for an increase in the minimum wage and to press for wise environmental policies. In partnership with the Fair Care Coalition, we passed legislation that creates a framework for charity care in hospitals across Illinois. We prevented cuts to the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families program, despite the state’s ongoing budget woes. In our work with End Demand Illinois, we helped to update the state’s anti-trafficking laws as part of our ongoing effort to protect victims of sex-trafficking.

In addition to our policy work, we held two regional trainings for members of our Advocacy Network, and we presented “Loving our Neighbors in an Era of Economic Disparity,” our new educational program at several churches in the metropolitan area. Most recently, we held our annual Robert B. Wilcox Symposium on Criminal Justice, bringing together over 200 individuals to explore models for the diversion of low-level, non-violent drug offenders from the criminal justice system.

Perhaps most exciting, was our move into the Community Renewal Society offices in April. Building on our past collaborations, PCG and CRS are creating a stronger faith-rooted organization devoted to educating, organizing, and advocating for policies that advance the common good. Members of the PCG board will soon join the CRS board. Both boards are currently engaged in a joint search for a new Executive Director. We are excited about our larger base, our coalition connections, and the growing power we will bring to our work across Illinois.

Our work is not done. We continue to be active in the Raise Illinois Coalition, advocating for an increase in the minimum wage. With our environmental partners, we are making progress toward regulations for high-volume hydraulic fracturing (“fracking”) in Illinois. Our drug policy work will continue through our efforts to expand the number of felony offenses that can be sealed, broaden the Adult-Re-Deploy program, and pursue the legalization of medical marijuana. We will also push for a graduated income tax in Illinois as a part of a larger fair tax coalition.

You have generously supported PCG over the years through your gifts, attendance, invitations, and advocacy. Your support has under-girded all that we have done, and we ask you to continue to be that essential foundation. Please give a gift now to ensure that our 2013 education and policy work is strong and productive.

It is your financial support that allows us to move forward, and we are ever grateful.

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