Our Organizing Department networks congregations to overcome the barriers of poverty and racism. For decades, activists in member congregations have come together across racial, ethnic, geographic and socioeconomic lines to shape public policies that foster hope and create opportunity for all Illinois residents. The Organizing Staff works to provide organizing and advocacy training, mentoring and guidance, information and materials. A leadership council representing members makes decisions about the legislation and campaigns to be implemented over the course of the year.


CRS offers regular training opportunities with the aim to build powerful, knowledgeable leaders.

Member Congregations

CRS works with member congregations to identify issues for campaigns, develop leaders, and build church power.

Key Issues We Work On

Commitment to Anti-Racism
With the implementation of CRS’ new strategic plan, prioritization of anti-racism frameworks and tools is now essential.
Community Renewal Society
Community Development (Housing and Jobs)
Housing and job opportunities consistently arose as major concerns for members our community. These issues are also of concern for vulnerable populations (youth, formerly incarcerated, communities of color, and immigrant communities). To catalyze this work, we will form an issue team with two delegations: Housing Caucus and Jobs Caucus.
Community Renewal Society
Just Economy for Safe Communities
Work in coalition to address state budget concerns impacting violence reduction and support a fair tax in Illinois.

Take Action!

Chicago Police
Reform Chicago's Police Contracts and Support Civilian Oversight of the Police
Three Day Community Organizing Training
Three Day Community Organizing Training
Become an effective organizer and leader.

Upcoming Events

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