Beth Johnson


Senior Policy Advisor
Cabrini Green Legal Aid (CGLA)

Beth Johnson is an attorney with the Rights and Restoration Law Group, LLC, and has her own consulting practice. She began her legal career as a staff attorney in the Criminal Records Program at Cabrini Green Legal Aid (CGLA), became supervisor of the program and then served as the Director of Legal Programs for five years. During that time, Beth led the programmatic development and alignment with the organization’s strategic plan of focusing its services on individuals, families, and communities impacted by the criminal justice system. In 2018, Beth transitioned into Senior Policy Advisor, focusing her efforts on growing and expanding the policy and advocacy work of the organization. During her tenure at CGLA, Beth represented thousands of clients in all areas related to mitigation of criminal records and worked successfully with other advocacy groups to improve the courts, the laws, and society’s perception and response to crime and punishment. She also trained, mentored and supervised hundreds of attorneys. Among numerous awards, Beth was selected as a 2014 Chicago Community Trust Emerging Leader fellow, which focuses on growth in criminal justice advocacy and policy work and in 2015 was honored with Community Renewal Society’s Partner Award (in tandem with Sam Tuttle of Heartland Alliance).

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