Yaacov Delaney


Organizer for Restoring Rights and Justice Reform
Community Renewal Society

Yaacov joined Community Renewal Society in 2018. He is a social justice advocate, with lived experience inside of the criminal justice system. During his time of incarceration, he observed countless men being released back into their communities only to return to prison, some in very short periods of time. Yaacov began advocating for prisoner rights and strategically researching solutions to remove the systemic collateral consequences that were directly hindering formerly incarcerated people from becoming productive citizens. 

Yaacov obtained a paralegal position with the Ohio Justice & Policy Center (OJPC) in Cincinnati, Ohio soon after his release. He has helped people with criminal records remove systemic barriers that prevented employment and state issued licensing.  Yaacov has assisted with developing a culturally diverse restorative justice coalition, Cincinnati Restores, with the specific purpose of lifting the profile on restorative justice practices with a special focus on schools, courts, victim services, and reentry programs.  Additionally, forming his own holistic support group, Breaking Cycles, for directly impacted people that provided safe spaces to deal with the effects of trauma and structural racism, and organized formerly incarcerated men/women for advocacy work that helped pass the Ohio Statewide Ban the Box legislation in 2015.

Yaacov is vigilant in his fight to increase viable initiatives that uplift and restores marginalized communities and equally excited about merging his zealous advocacy for directly impacted people/family members with CRS’s Restoring Opportunities and Justice Reform.