Jesse Rojo


North Side/North Area Congregational Organizer
Community Renewal Society

Jesse, who began with CRS in 2018, grew up in a small town named Hillsboro Oregon. The son of immigrants and a child of poverty, he quickly learned of the damaging effects of racism and bigotry, but also of the devastating effect of a systematic oppression that hurts us all.

Having to grow up watching his father, who owned a small used car dealership, have to work so hard only to barely compete against the larger more established dealerships, Jesse learned that the world was not only unfair but that it was actively stacked in favor of the rich and powerful.

Anger over this realization slowly turned to a passion for change once he arrived in Chicago four years ago, after obtaining a scholarship to attend the University of Chicago. That passion has only become greater upon joining CRS, where Jesse, as the North Side Congregational Organizer, hopes to organize people to transcend cultural differences and ideological divisions so as to bring about a better tomorrow for all.