Police Accountability

Our focus on increasing police accountability in Chicago continues with three initiatives: (1) collaboration with the Grassroots Alliance for Police Accountability (GAPA) to establish independent community oversight of the Chicago Police Department through the passage of a city ordinance; (2) partnership with the Coalition for Police Contracts Accountability (CPCA) to demand changes to the police union contracts currently being negotiated to provide greater police accountability; and (3) coalition with the ACLU-Illinois and four other organizations in a lawsuit against the Chicago Police Department and development of a court-enforced consent decree.

Grassroots Alliance for Police Accountability

Coalition for Police Contracts Accountability

The Coalition for Police Contracts Accountability proposes critical changes to the police union contracts and mobilizes communities to demand that new contracts between the City of Chicago and police unions don’t stand in the way of holding officers accountable. We are composed of community, policy, and civil rights organizations taking action to ensure police accountability in the city of Chicago.

The current police contracts with the City of Chicago harm accountability by making it hard to complain about police misconduct, easy for officers to lie, and hard to investigate claims of misconduct. These contracts must be reformed. We call on the Mayor’s office to negotiate a contract with our recommended fourteen changes, and on aldermen to refuse a contract without these changes.

Chicago Police Department Lawsuit & Consent Decree

The first federal court-enforceable consent decree, now in implementation stage, includes provisions for increased police accountability; ending the code of police silence; alternative diversion practices and crisis response teams; rights for people with disabilities; improved use-of-force policies, requiring police to document when pointing firearms at people; additional requirements for officer training; and improved assessment data collection and sharing. CRS is proud to have stood alongside our coalition partners: American Civil Liberties Union of Illinois, One Northside, Communities United, Equip for Equality, and Next Steps.