Our Policy Department works with our congregational leaders and Issue Team members, community coalitions, and elected officials in state and county legislative bodies to develop and pass legislation that advances justice, primarily in the areas of economic justice, criminal justice, and tax reform.  The Policy Department also provides training and current political context for our member congregations as they carry out their responsibilities as citizens and persons of faith. 

Advocate for Social Justice

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Get involved in important public policy issues, put your faith into action.

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Who represents you? Find and contact your federal and state elected officials.
Legislative Priorities
Working with advocates like you, we develop and pass legislation in the areas of economic justice, criminal justice, and tax reform in concert with our amazing faith and FORCE leaders, congregational organizers, and coalitional partners.
Key Issues
The key issues of Community Renewal Society (CRS) that comprise our annual Platform for Renewal are drawn directly from listening to leaders of member congregations and community residents.

Take Action!

Chicago Police
Reform Chicago's Police Contracts and Support Civilian Oversight of the Police
Advocacy Workshops
Advocacy Training
The Policy team offers workshops to help community leaders and advocates better understand our key issues, the state legislative process, and how to be an effective advocate.

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