Post a Job

We welcome job announcements from local (Chicagoland) employers in an effort to connect our constituents with employment opportunities. We encourage criminal background friendly and diversity employers to post with us and we welcome all employers who meet the following criteria:

  • Must be a regular, registered and licensed business seeking W-2 employees (no network or multilevel marketing).

  • Industries must be similarly aligned to our values (we are not currently accepting job announcements from industries related to alcohol, tobacco, gambling and adult entertainment).

  • Companies who provide employment opportunities to formerly incarcerated people and companies who live out diversity by hiring qualified candidates of color are strongly preferred.

If you meet the above listed criteria, select your organization type (non-profit or for-profit). Non-profit organizations pay $50 for a single 30-day post and for-profit organizations pay $100 for a single 30-day post. If you have multiple posts, enter the total amount in the available field and add a note about the type and number of announcements you are posting. After you complete the contact information and pay for your post, you will receive a confirmation email and receipt, along with a link to send a proofed and ready PDF job announcement. Your file will be posted as is, no edits will be made by CRS. Announcements will be posted within one business day of your emailed PDF. The 30-day period starts on the day the position is posted on our website.