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A New and Unsettling Force: Confronting the Distorted Moral Narrative

6:00pm, Rally & March at Wilson & Lakeshore Viaducts

7:00pm, Interfaith Moral Fusion Justice Revival at People’s Church

Brett O'Brien

Brett O’Brien talks about the Day of Faith at the Capitol, Community Renewal Society’s annual lobby day that brings hundreds of people of faith from across Chicagoland together to advocate for policies that advance our Platform for Renewal.

Community Renewal Society

 Over 1,500 faith and community leaders rallied on Monday to honor the legacy of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. at the annual Community Renewal Society Faith in Action Assembly, held in First Baptist Congregational Church on Chicago’s West Side.

At the end of a legislative season with few victories we must lament. The process of lament can feel much like a funeral. It feels like death. The story of Elisha reminds us that death can produce life.

In a nation that cherishes choice, most of the time a decision between alternatives is made on a non-consequential basis.

A nagging question: what are those in the U.S. Congress teaching our children? – those, that is, who are shutting down the government and threatening to refuse the raising of the national debt ceiling, under the threat of national and world-wide economic havoc?

The non-scriptural doctrine of the Trinity makes its annual appearance this coming Sunday, and with it the host of theological problems the Christian church has wrestled with throughout its history.

Good thing I didn’t have to wait for congressional action and a leader’s signature to make me a legitimate member of the nation of Jesus.

SPRINGFIELD – Today, 500 clergy, people of faith, and youth converged on the State Capitol to call on the Illinois General Assembly to enact common sense gun legislation to stop illegal gun trafficking and decrease gun deaths. At the end of the day, the group overflowed the Capitol Rotunda in a “die-in.” Community Renewal Society Activists, wearing the names of the more than 400 people killed by gun violence in Chicago last year, lay down on the floor of the Capitol. The activists hummed “Amazing Grace” as the names of the victims were read aloud by youth from the Chicago area.

Before leaving the hospital where I work, I was asked "why" I was going to Chicago to march for an end to gun violence. After all, “we” don't live "there."


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