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During worship one recent Sunday, the pastor encouraged the worshipers to take a few moments following the service to step into the fellowship hall and sign a petition on health care reform to be forwarded to representatives and senators in Washington. This request followed some remarks made by the pastor on the inequalities in health care services ...

It was not surprising last Sunday when members of the church where I worship came to me and said, with pain in their voices, "What can we do about the state budget?"

I challenge anybody to provide a simple, definitive, and declarative interpretation of the opening statement in the Letter to the Ephesians.

HB 7 was drafted only after Illinois became a national joke in the wake of former Governor Blagojevich's arrest. Reformers have long sought to reduce the corrosive impact of money in politics by limiting the amount that individuals and groups can contribute to political candidates.

Late Sunday night, May
31st, the Illinois General Assembly accomplished something it is not always
able to achieve. It met its scheduled date for adjournment.

a polity of democracy, one would think that American politicians would
always be aiming to please the constituencies they represent. After
all, those voters are the ones who determine whether a politician stays
in or is removed from office.

I surely hope Eastertide
works out better than Lent this year. Especially
this year, one would have thought that some extraordinary people who
violated sacred and secular trusts over the past number of years would
have gotten into Lent big time.

Money _is_ controlling politics in Illinois. It dominates what happens at the ballot box. It subverts democracy. And, in the process, it has made Illinois the laughing stock of the nation.

It’s clearly created for good works.

The 2009
BMW 535i xDrive Sport Wagon
, that is.

We don’t
call him an exorcist, probably because the term is so out of fashion;
but that’s actually what he is. Instead,
we call him the United States Attorney for the Northern District of
Illinois, and once in a while, a “Special Council” when the demons are
at work in places like Washington, DC.


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