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"She's such a racist." How many times have we heard that among friends, whether it describes a community leader, politician, or relative? That label lets the speaker off the hook, implying that racism is something foreign to her.

Protestants for the Common Good will host a viewing of _Defamation_ on Sunday, October 7th at Chicago Theological Seminary and, we invite you to join us--to engage as this interactive court-room drama unfolds around these issues. We hope you will join the conversation.

Some public health expert Jesus turns out to be! Ye gads, he doesn't think its important to wash your hands before a meal! My mother, of blessed memory, would not be pleased.

Election campaigns are like revival services.

If theology has more to accomplish than opening up the truth of the scripture, it probably has to do with how the truth of the scriptures and other sources of revelation (e.g., nature, tradition, experience, reason) relates to what’s happening in the world. In that sense, theology is a dynamic discipline, since things keep happening in the world. And it’s a practical discipline, too...

In her sermon on May 13, 2012 at the First Congregational United Church of Christ (UCC) in Appleton, Wisconsin, Rev. Joanne Thomson, Associate Conference Minister of the Wisconsin Conference of the UCC, pointed out that "Revelation was not written to be understood. It was written to shock." That shock is just what so many of us need right now. In the face of deep divisions in our society, it's time we take a chance on the Kingdom of God.

This week we want to focus on some of the specific issues that didn’t pass during the spring session but might be dealt with during the November veto session: Minimum Wage (SB1565), Fracking Regulations (SB3280), Comprehensive Sex-Education (HB3027), Criminal Record Sealing Bill (HB5723). Take a look and of course, feel free to contact us with any questions!

Who of us would dare ask that we be measured against the Sermon on the Mount? Consider what Jesus asked of us: Turn the other cheek? Give the coat off our back? Forgive seventy times seven? We know the inevitability of falling short. But, concerning one injunction, we can’t even tell where we stand...

PCG Theologian-in-Residence, Larry Greenfield, offered this tribute to Executive Director, Al Sharp, in honor of his fifteen years of work at Protestants for the Common Good.

Less than two years ago, Illinois for the first time in our history placed limits on contributions to political campaigns. It took anger and dismay over the travesties of the Blagojevich administration for this measure to pass. Its purpose was both to limit corruption and the influence of organized wealth at the expense of the very poor. Now the Democratic leaders in the Illinois General Assembly are trying to create wide loophole in this historic bill.


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