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In June 2006, Protestants for the Common Good published the statement, "Banning Same-sex Marriage: Is it Democratic?"

“Start packing!” That was Mitt Romney’s directive when asked if he had anything to say to President Obama now that, at least unofficially, the 2012 general election campaign for White House residency has begun.

Chicago, IL: Join Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky, Congressman Mike Quigley, PCG, and other health advocates for a speak out supporting women’s access to contraception. The event is being held at the Chicago Temple, 77 W. Washington St., in Pierce Main Hall, in the lower level of the church. The Speak Out will begin at 12:00 p.m. and all are welcome to attend.

If only that committee assigned the task of determining which biblical text goes where and when in the lectionary readings had shown a little discipline! The members of the committee should have been well aware that the season of Lent has to do with denial and, yes, discipline.

A dispute in recent issues of The New York Review of Books provokes an old but ever-new question: Is it possible for authentic followers of Jesus the Anointed of God to be conservatives, or must they by definition be liberals?

The ongoing NYRB disagreement between Professor Corey Robin of Brooklyn College and Professor Mark Lilla of Columbia University also makes it possible to ask that question in a slightly different way: Must authentic followers of Jesus be reactionaries or are they called to be revolutionaries?

It takes some translation, to be sure, but how sisters and brothers in the church line up against each other explains a lot about both the religious and political divisions that plague our American democracy.

How did King come to terms with constant struggle, lack of progress, dreams delayed? Most fundamentally, he believed in an ultimate reality that makes defeat temporary and redeems our failures. He trusted what Jesus has told us about God as love.

By now, I think we can safely assume, the sages from the East were headed back home--wherever home was.

Christmas is, after all, an invented date...The much more serious question is whether Christianity itself is an invented faith.

“Please remember that advocacy, and this social justice work, are part of who we are as people of faith, as Christians. Just as worship and prayer, and giving, and volunteering shape our spiritual lives--so must advocacy for the common good.”

On Sunday, Protestants for the Common Good celebrated its 15th anniversary with an event at St. Pauls UCC in Lincoln Park. Keynote speaker and PCG board member, Chris Gamwell, offered a vision of PCG as it looks forward to another 15 years of advocacy and education. We invite you to share in that vision by reading Chris Gamwell's words...


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