Faith & Criminal Justice


In this Easter season, FORCE leaders are spearheading advocacy efforts for people with criminal records who have turned their lives around to have the opportunity to work in local schools. Help us keep the momentum going before the next crucial deadline.

On Wednesday, June 25, 2014 the Chicago City Council unanimously passed the Responsible Sale of Firearms Ordinance to help prevent gun trafficking. The vote comes in advance of a federal court-ordered July 14 deadline to allow gun shops in the city.

Failure to vote on HB 2897 by the Illinois House of Representatives before the end of the spring session will delay the Cook County Drug Field Test Pilot Program. This initiative would have run for one year starting September 1, 2014 and could have saved the county millions by significantly reducing the amount of time pretrial defendants wait in Cook County Jail.
The Illinois General Assembly adjourned the spring legislative session on May 30, 2014.  Join us in celebrating these victories!

Quintin Williams, a leader of FORCE (Fighting to Overcome Records and Create Equality), reflects on his experience at CRS' Day of Faith at the Capitol where he witnessed the immense power in collective, unified "faith in action."

Thank you for standing up against mandatory minimums and contacting your state legislators.

Join us in calling on members of the Illinois General Assembly and the Governor to oppose SB 1342 and any new legislation that expands mandatory minimums or enhances Illinois’ already harsh sentencing policies.

The new concealed carry law bans loaded and concealed weapons in a number of places across Illinois, including hospitals, buses, polling places, schools, BUT not in churches and other houses of worship.

Over the past year, Community Renewal Society advocated for common-sense anti-trafficking gun measures. We are disappointed in the new concealed carry law enacted by the IL General Assembly because it lacks many safeguards.

We call upon the General Assembly to amend the new concealed carry law in order to declare places of worship, pastoral care, and religious instruction as “gun-free.” We ask for the same consideration as libraries, schools, hospitals, and casinos.


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