Tell Aldermen: Vote No to the Puppet Show!

Tell Aldermen: Vote No to the Puppet Show!

Wednesday, the Chicago City Council will vote on Mayor Emanuel’s proposed police reform ordinance. The Mayor’s plan directly ignores the needs and demands of our communities. We cannot accept this negligent reform that was crafted without the best interests of our communities in mind.

Join us at City Hall on Wednesday October 5, 9:15 a.m. and demand that your Alderman vote "NO" on the Mayor’s watered down police reform ordinance.

We are just days away from a monumental vote to decide the future of police accountability in Chicago. Yet, as the assault on black lives continues in our city and around the country, far too many Chicagoans remain unaware of the historic police oversight reforms being proposed.

The Mayor’s proposed ordinance would establish an agency to replace the Independent Police Review Authority, as well as create a Deputy Inspector General for Public Safety to audit the entire police accountability system. CRS has been working tirelessly for two years to establish a police auditor’s office in Chicago which would oversee policing and police investigations. Our FAIR COPS Ordinance, introduced to  City Council in April, was the inspiration for the Deputy Inspector General for Public Safety portion of the Mayor’s proposal. However, the Mayor’s plan removed the most important components of FAIR COPS, leaving his proposal woefully lacking in transparency, accountability, and enforcement power. 

We want our Aldermen to know that we expect them to vote against any proposal for a Deputy Inspector General that lacks the following non-negotiable components:

(1) a selection process that utilizes an outside entity whose expertise is in police accountability 

(2) transparent reporting on all findings and mandating that reports remain on the City’s website for at least ten years

(3) an enforcement mechanism that calls for quarterly public safety committee hearings for all denied recommendations

(4) an adequate and guaranteed budget

Without these components, the Mayor's proposal is not true reform. It is an irresponsible political move that will maintain a broken policing system and fail to protect our communities from police brutality.

Now is the time to contact your alderman! Your representative at City Council needs to hear that you expect them to support FAIR COPS and refuse to vote yes on any ordinance that does not include the non-negotiable demands listed above. We must make it clear to our Aldermen that we elected them to serve us, not to act as the Mayor’s puppets! 

We will gather on the second floor of City Hall (121 N LaSalle) for a 9:15 a.m. "Puppet Show", where we will call on our aldermen to represent their constituents by refusing to bend to the will of Mayor Emanuel.

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