Anti-Gun Trafficking Initiatives


Nearly 1,000 Illinois residents and 30,000 individuals across America are killed by guns each year, and tens of thousands more are injured but survive, often with life-changing injuries. Much of the gun legislation being considered in Springfield is focused on concealed carry and assault weapons. However, the majority of victims in our state were shot by a handgun that the shooter was not legally allowed to possess. For this reason, it is vital to stop the flow of illegal handguns into our communities. We call upon all Illinois legislators to ensure that any gun legislation that is called for vote in the General Assembly include the following anti-trafficking measures:

Titling Handguns – Establishes requirements similar to annual car registrations for handguns that would help law enforcement trace guns used in crimes, solve violent gun crimes, and hold illegal gun traffickers accountable for supplying weapons to criminals. Titling of guns would close dangerous loopholes in Illinois’ gun laws and create a more comprehensive system designed to improve public safety, promote gun owner accountability, provide law enforcement with the information and systems necessary to solve gun crimes, keep illegal gun traffickers out of business, and keep illegal guns out of the hands of our children.

Universal Background Checks on All Gun Sales – Amends the Firearm Owners Identification Card (FOID) Act to require those who privately sell or transfer handguns to do so at the business of a federally-licensed firearm dealer, who must then conduct a background check on the recipient. This process ensures that the transaction will be subject to all other applicable federal, state, and local laws. The bill would allow the dealer to charge a fee to cover the costs of conducting the background check. The legislation would amend the criminal code to penalize anyone who transfers a firearm in violation of these requirements.

Requiring the Reporting of Lost or Stolen Firearms – Mandates that any person whose firearm is lost or stolen must report the theft or loss of the firearm to State Police within 48 hours of the time when he or she knew or reasonably should have known of the loss or theft. The bill would criminalize the false reporting of a lost or stolen firearm, and authorize the Department to revoke the Firearm Owners ID (FOID) Card of any person who fails to comply with this requirement.

Legislation with Key Anti-Gun Trafficking Elements:

HB 2592, Prevention of Gun Trafficking Act – Requires universal background check on all gun sales, reporting of lost or stolen firearms, firearm registration, and firearms dealer licensing
Sponsors: Rep. Golar
Action: House: Re-referred to House Rules Committee.

HB 2811, Titling Guns – Creates penalties for the possession of a handgun without a current certificate of registration, knowingly providing false or misleading information or evidence in connection with an application, and the failure to report to local law enforcement that a registered handgun is lost, stolen, missing, or destroyed.
Sponsors: Rep. Sims – Hernandez
Action: House: Re-referred to Rules Committee

SB 69, Requiring the Reporting of Lost or Stolen Firearms – Provides that if a person who possesses a valid Firearm Owner’s ID (FOID) Card and who possesses or acquires a handgun thereafter loses or misplaces the handgun, or if the handgun is stolen from the person, the person must report the loss or theft to the local law enforcement agency within 72 hours after obtaining knowledge of the loss or theft.
Sponsors: Sen. Kotowski – Morrison – Hutchinson – Collins
Action: Senate: Assigned to Judiciary Subcommittee on Firearms.

Join us in advocating for common-sense gun legislation at the CRS Faith-in-Action Day on April 16.