9:45 AM09:45

The Power of Prayer for Chicago

Join Community Renewal Society as we lead the community in prayer. We embrace the National Day of Prayer as an opportunity to bring the faith community together to:

  • Pray that elected officials are moved in wisdom and grace when making decisions

  • Pray for a safe summer in Chicago as the highest season of violence approaches

  • Pray that the incoming City Council and Mayor work in sincere partnership for all communities across Chicago

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10:00 AM10:00

Documentary screening and panel discussion

MILWAUKEE 53206 tells the story of those affected by mass incarceration through the powerful journeys of three families. We witness the daily struggle of how incarceration shapes their lives, their families and their community at large. The 53206 ZIP code in Milwaukee is the most incarcerated ZIP code in the United States with 62% of its adult men having spent time in jail or prison. In this character driven ensemble documentary, it reveals through intimate stories how a community fights to survive by ending mass incarceration.

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