For This Election: #CelebrateNVRD!


We’re committed to strengthening our community by getting voters registered. As part of our 2014 voter registration drive, Community 

Renewal Society has joined thousands of other organizations across the country to celebrate National Voter Registration Day on September 23, 2014.  


It’s not just important, but it’s also fun and you can join us!  Sign up for one of our voter registration canvassing days

We all know voting is important, period. But in this year’s midterm elections on November 4, 2014, Americans will have a say on who wins 471 seats in Congress, 36 governorships, and the makeup of 46 state legislatures. In Illinois voters will be asked to decide several ballot measures that can have a big impact on families and local communities, including a non-binding referendum about raising the minimum wage.

This is an important election.  It is a time to set priorities and choose leaders.  But only individuals who are registered can vote.  We need your help to make sure that our communities are represented in the November election.  

You can be part of this amazing day!

A colleague recently said, “You know, talk radio is always telling me what I should do.  But, talk radio never tells me to go vote. You know why?  Because news commentators and social scientists and politicians all know that if I vote, and all my family, friends, neighbors, along with the people I know at church, my block club, the grocery store, the health club also vote, then we bring change to our communities and our state.”

Voting makes a difference.  

Celebrate National Voter Registration Day by helping us register new voters in time to vote in November.  Sign up today!

If events aren’t your thing, no big deal. Just don’t miss out on the most important part of National Voter Registration Day – take 30 seconds to make sure you’re registered to vote at your current address.

Thanks for taking a few moments to strengthen your community—and our country—with your voice.