Education Bill Falls Short

Here are the facts:


Illinois has a two-fold education funding crisis. 
The state’s current funding for schools falls woefully short of what is needed to provide a quality education for students across the state. And, the resources that are available are not distributed in an equitable manner.  

There’s going to be a lot of conversation during Veto Session this week about how to deal with that crisis. 
The Illinois House will hold a subject matter hearing on SB 16 on Tuesday, November 18 in Springfield. CRS leaders and staff will be there to say that comprehensive and just education funding reform must address equity and adequacy.

SB 16, the education funding reform proposal being considered, falls far short of solving the problem.
On the surface, SB 16, passed by the Senate at the end of May, sounds like a good idea. It proposes to overhaul of the state’s current regressive school funding system and create a single funding formula to distribute education funding more equitably across the state.  There’s just one big problem: SB 16 does not propose any additional money for education.  Without additional funding, SB 16 will simply re-distribute the state’s current inadequate funding for schools. While there are a few districts throughout the state that will benefit most low income students across the state will see no increase to their education funding.
Ask your legislator to oppose SB 16 and, instead, pledge to support comprehensive education funding reform that includes significant new funding for education and a fairly weighted distribution formula.

Illinois children deserve better. Let’s get it right. Let’s advocate for additional funding for them and their schools.