Expand Medicaid Eligibility

The IL Senate is scheduled to vote on SB26 to expand Medicaid eligibility for the uninsured under the Affordable Care Act (ACA) the week of February 25. Call your Senator now and ask them to vote YES on SB26! 

SB26 authorizes Illinois to provide Medicaid to about 342,000 low-income Illinois citizens who are currently uninsured. Because of the ACA, Illinois can offer Medicaid to this population at no expense to the state for the first three years, and in later years the state will never pay more than 10% of the cost of this coverage (with federal funds covering the remaining 90%).

This Medicaid option is expected to bring $4.6 billion additional federal dollars into the state of Illinois just in the first three years, making it a great fiscal deal for Illinois! 

Call the Illinois Affordable Health Care Hotline 1-888-616-3322 to be connected to your legislator. 

Is your Senator already a co-sponsor of the bill? Find out here and call 1-888-616-3322 to give them a big ‘Thank You!’

You can look up your State Senator’s contact information directly using this easy online tool!

Find talking points and more information on SB26