Fair Tax Passes!

Way to go!  Yesterday, May 27, the Illinois House passed the constitutional amendment for the Fair Tax!!! The vote was 73-44. The Senate previously passed the Fair Tax by a vote 40-19

Thank your legislators for supporting the Fair Tax.  

Congrats to everyone! This is a huge victory for both chambers to pass SJRCA 1, which puts the Fair Tax on the ballot for voters to decide. CRS has been working on the Fair Tax for ten years as a member of the Responsible Budget Coalition. Next, we will shift our focus to public education and working on the ballot initiative for 2020, when every voter in Illinois will have a chance to weigh-in on the Fair Tax amendment.

Everyone in Illinois currently pays the same tax rate, regardless of how wealthy they are. This is fundamentally unfair because it means middle and working-class families pay significantly more in taxes as a percent of their income than the wealthy. We believe that of those to whom much is given, much will be required. The Fair Tax will bring billions of dollars of much-needed revenue into our state to help us meet our obligation to fund our schools and invest in our communities.
Thank you for all of your amazing work! Now, thank your legislators.  This is a giant leap forward.