Protect Illinois' Kids from Devastating Budget Cuts

Tania, a single mother of two children, Carlos (6 years old) and Hugo (8 years old), recently lost her child care. The state program that helps low-income and working families with child care costs is out of money. Tania works at a factory making $330 a week, but without state help she has to pay $240 a week for child care. Tania says that she is stressed and worries about the sudden changes to her children’s daily lives. She doesn’t know what to do. She has to work to provide for her children, but can’t afford child care, which is necessary for her to go to work.

Thousands of Illinoisans, like Tania, need our action. If you believe your legislators should reject Governor Rauner’s proposed cuts and pass a moral budget, add your name here.

Tania’s story puts a human face on the cuts detailed in Governor Rauner’s FY16 budget proposal. The loss of her child care subsidy undermines her ability to maintain her job, care for her family, pay taxes and contribute to the local economy. 

Using the lens of our mission, we have identified some of the most harmful budget cuts. Of particular concern are four programs that will beentirely eliminated from the budget. These initiatives reduce the likelihood that children and youth will be caught up in violence:

•    Child Care Assistance Program provides child care subsidies for children 6 and older, including services for Tania’s sons and about 60,000 kids; 

•    Teen REACH supports after school programs for 14,000 disadvantaged youth across the state;

•    After School Matters is a Chicago-area after school program, renowned for its success helping children learn more in a safe environment;

•    Homeless Youth shelters and services—a cut so deep that it nearly eliminates the program, ending services for 1,300  homeless youth.

The Governor has called on the people of Illinois for shared sacrifice, but public health, Medicaid, and human services have already been cut repeatedly in recent years, and vulnerable populations have had to bear the brunt of the reductions. Now, new profound cuts have been proposed, including:

•    $82 million in cuts to community mental health services;

•    $1.5 billion in cuts to Medicaid funding, extensively reducing hospital and nursing home programs and eliminating adult dental services;

•    $14.1 million in cuts to Supportive Housing Services, ending services for 10,000 persons with disabilities at risk of being homeless;

•    $27.6 million in cuts to addiction treatment services.

What can we do?

Join us in calling for #NoCuts to our state’s most vulnerable members and for new revenue to fill the $6 billion state budget hole.  

If you believe your legislators should reject Governor Rauner’s proposed cuts and pass a moral budget, add your name here. Take action now for the Tanias of our state.