Souls Vote: Our Future Is At Stake

The next chapter in the story of the City of Chicago is currently being written. On February 24, Chicagoans will go to the polls to elect a mayor and choose the aldermen who will represent their neighborhoods in the City Council. Voters will also choose other city-wide officials and vote on referendum questions, such as an Elected School Board. Unfortunately, history tells us very few people will participate in shaping the city’s future. 


Over 800,000 of the 1.4 million registered voters in the City of Chicago did not cast a ballot in 2011. Many of the non-voting individuals reside in neighborhoods most in need of investments to improve public safety, education, and economic development. These neighborhoods have great potential to impact the city’s future.

Voting is important. Sign up for Souls to the Polls today!

On Sunday February 15, CRS member congregations and churches from across the city are collaborating to get “Souls to the Polls” to vote early in the municipal elections. Our churches are non-partisan, and we do not endorse candidates, but we want to make sure that—no matter who you’re voting for—you and your entire congregation get out to vote on the issues that matter to your community!

Help us reach our goal of 100 churches voting early.


In this election, we have an opportunity to elect leaders that share our vision for the city. Do you believe that City Council members should support a community benefits agreement to guarantee affordable housing and good jobs to west side neighborhoods? Should mayoral candidates commit to increase funding for restorative justice programs? Do you want the next Mayor of Chicago to support reforms for increased accountability in cases of police misconduct?

At our recent annual Martin Luther King Jr. Faith in Action Assembly, we asked mayoral and west side aldermanic candidates to state their position on these issues, but not all of the candidates expressed their support. Find out how the candidates responded. 

Early voting for the February 24, 2015 Municipal Election will be offered from Monday, February 9 through Saturday, February 21. Sunday hours will be offered only at five regional sites. See the Souls to the Polls registration page for more information.


Join us to vote early and sign up for Souls to the Polls!

Our vote is our voice, and it is important that the next Mayor of Chicago and the members of the City Council hear us loud and clear. This election is an invitation to participate in writing the next chapter in the story of our city. Critical issues are at stake; let’s make sure all of our voices are included!