Building powerful, knowledgeable leaders to win change is central to the mission of Community Renewal Society. CRS offers regular training opportunities for member congregations and outside leaders and organizations.

If you would like us to bring an individualized training to your church, school, or organization, contact Delia Ramirez, at

Three Day Organizing Training

Presented by Community Renewal Society's Organizing staff and focused on faith-based principles, this three-day training identifies key organizing principles, how values influence those principles, and how you can become an effective organizer and leader. Participants will engage in organizing training with seminarians, community leaders, partners and church leaders committed to social justice, and will experience the richness of relationship and collaboration that effective organizing offers. Sessions include:

The training runs from 9:00 AM to 7:00 PM the first two days and 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM on the third day. Register early to receive the discounted $300 rate, or pay the standard rate of $350. Sponsored leaders from member congregations should contact their organizers for a discounted rate.  For more information contact Delia Ramirez,

Register for Three Day Organizing Training

Confronting Pharoah: A Congregational Justice Training

Offered to member congregations in two sessions of two and a half hours each, this training provides congregations with the basic skills to build relationships, power, and new justice ministries in their congregations. CRS Organizing staff will bring this training to congregations with at least 20 people ready to get trained.

Session I covers:

Session II covers:

Congregations should contact their local organizer if they are interested in hosting a training. 

Policy Training

The Policy team offers training to help community leaders and advocates better understand our key issues, the state legislative process, and how to be an effective advocate. Legislators at local, state, and national levels of government listen to their constituents, and they want – and need – to hear your perspective.

Email for more information about the training below.

Public Policy Matters:  Advocacy Training

This workshop focuses on what advocacy is and how to do it. Using interactive, discussion-based activities, the presentation explains the legislative process in Illinois and the importance faith-rooted civic engagement and advocacy.  Participants with share their personal stories and discuss challenges and successes of their advocacy experiences. Upcoming opportunities for advocacy involvement will also be offered. 

When Mercy Seasons Justice: Criminal Justice Reform

This program helps people of faith understand criminal justice issues and their impact on families, congregations, neighborhoods, and the wider community. Discussion will focus on barriers experienced by ex-offenders in areas of employment, housing, and education, along with alternatives to incarceration, and re-entry strategies for ex-offenders returning to communities across Illinois.

Fiscal Cliff, Flat Tax, or Fair Tax:  The Imperative for Tax Reform

Despite the 2010 income tax increase, subsequent Illinois budgets have contained devastating cuts for a wide range of essential state services. Learn more about the state’s ongoing budget crisis and tax policies, how they affect funding for human services, education, and public safety, and why these are moral issues. We will explain the budget process and discuss our ongoing Fair Tax campaign to eliminate the current flat tax by amending the state constitution. 

Income Inequality: A Threat to Democracy

This educational presentation can be a single or multi-session offering. It explores income inequality and the consequences of this ever-widening disparity across the country. Participants will learn about social immobility, the role of government, and of how to advocate for social and political change. A second session on the impact of wealth and power on the democratic process locally, state-wide, and nationally is also available.

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